Resumé of the writer

Mister EL KETTAB Mouhamed Lemine , Born on  December 30th,1950 at Ouadane  Northern 


Holder of a Third Cycle Doctorate  in English and American literature in addition to a Bachelor  degree in French and Arabic studies from Mohamed the Fifth University in Rabat and the University of Algiers , Many academic stays in divers American Universities, (Georgetown, Delaware among others) ,1984,1987…

As  of 1982, lecturer  in the Faculty of Arts of Mouhamed the Fifth University, the Faculty of Arts in the University of Nouakchott (Mauritania), the college of Education , Head of the English department in the university of Nouakchott, In 1984 appointed National Director of higher Education. In 1989 appointed Recteur (Vice Chancellor) of Nouakchott University. In1991 appointed Ambassador of Mauritania to Nigeria, Benin and Togo, then Ambassador to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. In 2001 , he resumed  work in  the University of Nouakchott, in addition to a sustained  activism in Civil Society while parallelly undertaking  research and publications in Arabic, French and English. He published  many articles related to political .social and academic fields in Mauritanian and the Arab mass media ,he edited several books in the three languages some of which destined to children, they are available in some Arab countries.

 As of 2006, Chairman of the Club of the Mauritanian Intellectuals for Democracy and Development  ,he was later on elected president of the Mauritanian chapter of the Arab Organization for Human Rights. He  participated  in  many Civil Society Fora in the Arab World and elsewhere.

In 2007,he was Co-opted member of the Arab panel for the observation of elections in the Arab World. He participated in this capacity in the monitoring of the last Lebanese legislative elections and the Mauritanian presidential elections. He is one of the promoters of the movement for the strengthening of the citizenship culture in the Arab countries. As of December 2009,  he was appointed as the National Coordinator of the national project of Nouakchott as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2011,a responsibility he was saddled with till December 2010.

2013 : Candidate of Mauritania to the post of Director General Of ALECSO.


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